What? Hold the Train?

What the heck.  A small burst of energy?  As in I got up and did stuff before work.  Even the day went quickly.  Also found out the  teacher I replaced did not do the debates in the book called “Exploring Debate”.  Uhm, yeah.  I kind of though that was the purpose.

I only had to go off on one student today.  She decided it would be fun to shred paper during class.  Everyone else left and I handed her the broom and told her to sweep it up.  We have to clean our classrooms every night.  Because I spend the bulk of my time running around, mine never gets dirty enough to *really* need swept every night.  I do it usually on MWF.  But damn if I was  going to waste my precious energy on sweeping up because the kid (a middle schooler) was too bored to pay attention.
There, now I feel better.


Taking Care

I’ve decided to go back to the US.  I don’t have the energy or stamina to teach right now.  Just packing is draining the energy  out of me.  The only good thing is packing is almost finished.  Now to get it to the post office.  I found someone with a car so that should make it easier.  I’m hoping only one more box.