Chinese Medicine

I’ve lived in Korea for 6 years and managed to avoid Chinese medicine.  I take that back, I went late last year and the guy was a quack telling me my jaw was out of alignment.  I was having a particularly bad pain morning yesterday so I decided to try another place.  They actually use more of a combo of East and West.  The acupuncture didn’t hurt.  Just felt weird having needles sticking out of you.  Then I rolled on my stomach where she put the needles in my neck and a TENS unit on my back.  The TENS probably did more than anything.  But the biggest thing was lying on a warm bed with my neck supported listening to the soothing music.

The herbal tea stuff she gave me made me sicker than average so I chucked it.  I wrote a paragraph and translated it using Google Translate (don’t even bother with Bing, it sucks) and took it in today.  She told me to eat a bland diet (duh) and avoid meat.  Once she was finished with my front, I did TENS again.  She changed the tea stuff, which is tolerable.  It doesn’t have much taste, through it’s a bit bitter.

Yeah, the biggest thing is the relaxation.  The doctor was really  nice and since it isn’t too expensive, I’ll probably go every other day or so.

I’m learning to keep an open mind.  I certain wouldn’t go if I was sick with a bacterial infection or something.  But fibro, well, it’s a horse of a different color.  I think we get so desperate for relief, we’ll do almost anything.  None of this stuff will hurt me and I doubt it will significantly help.  But in a way it feels like pampering myself for an hour.