Not Having This Conversation

All I asked was for him to pick up a prescription at the drug store on his way home from church.  Apparently that was too hard because I got the snippy response of “Just how many prescriptions are you taking?”.  Awesome.  No I’m not going to have that conversation.  It really isn’t any of him damn business.  He has no concept of how chronic pain works.  Would I love to not take them?  Absolutely!  But it’s my reality right now and for the foreseeable future.  So how about just doing it for me so I don’t have to waste your gas driving back to that side of town when you’re coming that way.

Yeah.  Probably bitchy of me.  But dealing with anxiety, side effects and pain is making me a less than happy camper.  The appointment with the rheumatologist can’t come fast enough.



To all you animal rights activists, FU!  You’re either ignorant or hypocrites.

OK, now that I’ve got that out of my system…

I was listening to a podcast last night where they aired irate emails about someone they had featured who had done pain research.  One person felt that it’s okay to do animal research, but not on pain.  Hypocrite.  Either it’s okay or it’s not.  Another one said it’s okay to do pain research but you should use diseased animals.  Idiot.  You know nothing about how science works.  Then there was the person who said pain research should be done on humans.  Why is hurting an animal not okay, but a human is.  Because they can give consent?  I call bullshit on that.  And I have a feeling there are quite a few anti animal research people out there who would change their tunes if it lead to a cure of something that a loved one had.

I’m fine with animal research.  We can’t do biomedical research without starting with animal models.  I personally don’t want to go back into the dark ages.

And yes, comments on this will be closed because I don’t feel like debating my opinions with someone who probably doesn’t want to hear counter arguments.  My blog.  My prerogative.  Don’t like it, read somewhere else.


They did not just say the s word (actually it would be the n word in Korea).  That’s just not fair.  Best I can do is a tee shirt under a long sleeve tee with a wool too small sweater on top.

Thank goodness for the bed-warmer.  At least I get to be toasty at night.


Anyone out there in fibro land seem to bruise easily?  And/or have bruises hang around longer than normal.  Or even grow in size?

Last year I had a bruise on my hand from an IV site that was there for 4 weeks and for a while kept growing.  Just when Dr. P was going to send me to a hematologist, it started shrinking.

I have another one again from an IV stick two weeks ago.  It’s still pretty small (the size of a nickel?) but does seem to be growing.  I see Dr. P tomorrow.

Dr. K wrote me a referral to a new rheumatologist at one of the university hospitals.  Dr. H has decided to stop listening to what I say.  He was all like, you don’t have rheumatoid arthritis.  Fine.  Whatever.  I get that.  But my hands still hurt like hell and I’m having trouble opening jars of stuff.  I’ve got a jar of spaghetti sauce in my cabinet that I doubt I’ll ever get open.

And I’m tired.  I’m so tired.  I gotta get up early tomorrow so I can see Dr. P and maybe fit in a visit to Dr. K.  Oh yeah, he gave me the wonderful news that I have tendonitis in my right Achilles tendon.  And for no good reason.

Where Did That Come From?

I was outside at 7 playing Halloween games.  Errr, well, trying to take pictures in the dark of students playing games.  I went up at 7:30.  I left work at 8:40 and said, “Hmmm, looks wet out here”.  Sometime in that period where I was upstairs it rained.  And then it made sense my legs almost gave out on me while teaching.

I need to go see Dr. K (the ortho).  I did something (or my body is doing something) to my Achilles tendon and it hurts like, well, you know.  The knee on the same leg is bothering me, and it’s near the surgery site, so I’m going to get him to take a look see.

Then off to Dr. H (the rheumy) to get scripts for Gabapentin and Cymbalta.  I also want to know what he thinks of going back on the Tramadol for a while, or the Mobic.

This is of course dependent on me dragging my poor butt out of bed.  I don’t know if the intense fatigue (I won’t even say how many hours a night I’m sleeping) is the fibro or Dr. P being too aggressive with the night time meds.