For those of you who don’t speak abbreviation soup (and it took me 5 minutes to remember the word abbreviation), those would be Activities of Daily Living.

Yeah, I’m starting to get big fails on those.  Open a jar of spaghetti sauce: Fail.  Opening a bottle of juice: Fail.  Lift up a 2L bottle of water out of the refrigerator: Fail.  Do a load of laundry without stopping at least twice to rest: Fail.  Getting out of bed without a chair there to support myself: Fail.  Walking steps normally: Fail.

Everything takes ten times longer.  Except for showers.  I’ve got those down to a 4 minute science.  The water hitting my skin hurts too much.

I feel like one big failure.  I can’t even reach up to the top of the white board.  I’m limited to about eye height.

I know stress is making things worse.  But I’m seriously trying not to kill people at work.  If all goes well, I’m out of there in two weeks.  I may break down and beg the new school to let me sign a contract earlier and work on other things (oye, I think I’m the IT person now) before I’d actually start teaching.


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