What? Hold the Train?

What the heck.  A small burst of energy?  As in I got up and did stuff before work.  Even the day went quickly.  Also found out the  teacher I replaced did not do the debates in the book called “Exploring Debate”.  Uhm, yeah.  I kind of though that was the purpose.

I only had to go off on one student today.  She decided it would be fun to shred paper during class.  Everyone else left and I handed her the broom and told her to sweep it up.  We have to clean our classrooms every night.  Because I spend the bulk of my time running around, mine never gets dirty enough to *really* need swept every night.  I do it usually on MWF.  But damn if I was  going to waste my precious energy on sweeping up because the kid (a middle schooler) was too bored to pay attention.
There, now I feel better.


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