Where Did That Come From?

I was outside at 7 playing Halloween games.  Errr, well, trying to take pictures in the dark of students playing games.  I went up at 7:30.  I left work at 8:40 and said, “Hmmm, looks wet out here”.  Sometime in that period where I was upstairs it rained.  And then it made sense my legs almost gave out on me while teaching.

I need to go see Dr. K (the ortho).  I did something (or my body is doing something) to my Achilles tendon and it hurts like, well, you know.  The knee on the same leg is bothering me, and it’s near the surgery site, so I’m going to get him to take a look see.

Then off to Dr. H (the rheumy) to get scripts for Gabapentin and Cymbalta.  I also want to know what he thinks of going back on the Tramadol for a while, or the Mobic.

This is of course dependent on me dragging my poor butt out of bed.  I don’t know if the intense fatigue (I won’t even say how many hours a night I’m sleeping) is the fibro or Dr. P being too aggressive with the night time meds.



For those of you who don’t speak abbreviation soup (and it took me 5 minutes to remember the word abbreviation), those would be Activities of Daily Living.

Yeah, I’m starting to get big fails on those.  Open a jar of spaghetti sauce: Fail.  Opening a bottle of juice: Fail.  Lift up a 2L bottle of water out of the refrigerator: Fail.  Do a load of laundry without stopping at least twice to rest: Fail.  Getting out of bed without a chair there to support myself: Fail.  Walking steps normally: Fail.

Everything takes ten times longer.  Except for showers.  I’ve got those down to a 4 minute science.  The water hitting my skin hurts too much.

I feel like one big failure.  I can’t even reach up to the top of the white board.  I’m limited to about eye height.

I know stress is making things worse.  But I’m seriously trying not to kill people at work.  If all goes well, I’m out of there in two weeks.  I may break down and beg the new school to let me sign a contract earlier and work on other things (oye, I think I’m the IT person now) before I’d actually start teaching.


Saw my p-doc yesterday.  He’s concerned that I may be having episodes of hypoglycemia.  He even gave me four rolls of glucose tablets.  I don’t know if this is part of the fibro or not.  But he’s thinking that the panic attacks I’ve been having are more to do with my blood sugar bottoming out.

It doesn’t help that I have no appetite.  I have to force myself to eat, and then only because they serve dinner at work.  I usually eat about a quarter cup of rice and maybe the soup if it doesn’t look too seaweed-ish (don’t get me wrong, I like seaweed, but only in its dried form).

And if you’re wondering, starting an IV on a dehydrated, hypotensive, hypothermic patient is a whole lot of fun.  Something like 15 sticks to get it in.  Amazingly, the only place I bruised is where they finally got it in on the side of my foot.

And since I haven’t eaten all day (yeah, I know), I’m shaking and dizzy and starting to feel panicky, I’m going to try one of these whopping tablet things.

What? Hold the Train?

What the heck.  A small burst of energy?  As in I got up and did stuff before work.  Even the day went quickly.  Also found out the  teacher I replaced did not do the debates in the book called “Exploring Debate”.  Uhm, yeah.  I kind of though that was the purpose.

I only had to go off on one student today.  She decided it would be fun to shred paper during class.  Everyone else left and I handed her the broom and told her to sweep it up.  We have to clean our classrooms every night.  Because I spend the bulk of my time running around, mine never gets dirty enough to *really* need swept every night.  I do it usually on MWF.  But damn if I was  going to waste my precious energy on sweeping up because the kid (a middle schooler) was too bored to pay attention.
There, now I feel better.

Bless you Lidocaine

My orthopedist did the lido shot into my worst trigger points.  I had been able to live with them (for the most part) until I woke up this morning and couldn’t get out of bed.  My lower back muscles were in spasms.  I could barely turn over onto my side so I could try to swing my legs out.  Luckily there’s a chair close enough that I could use that to push myself up.  On ultrasound, he found quite a bit of inflammation (might have been on the low side since I’ve been eating Motrin for the joint pain) in my shoulder and put some lidocaine in there too.  At least I can now lift my right arm over my head.  It’ll make teaching a whole lot easier.
Dr. P has demanded I go back to Dr. H (the rheumy) and get back on the Cymbalta, Gabapentin and possibly Mobic.   Pain = no sleep.  No sleep = anxiety.  Anxiety = bawling my eyes out at work.


I actually got some cereal into me for breakfast.  I did  a little bit of shopping on my way back from the ortho.  I got some rice, some dried seaweed and some kimchi so I can pick at little stuff.


Now I’m doing laundry.  The hose from the washer runs to the sink, so I’ll figure out cooking later.  I have bread, butter and jam so maybe I’ll get a little bit of that into me when the laundry is done.