Paying the Price

Yes I’m stupid.  Yes, I know I’m in the middle of a flare.  But dammit, I wanted to go to the flea market.  I did and walked around for a couple of hours.  The time in the car didn’t help as my tailbone has been killing me for weeks.  But I wanted to go and get out and have some fun.

Well, I could barely move today.  I was so stiff and sore I totally shuffled to the bathroom this morning.  I was in tears until the Tramadol kicked in.  I’ve actually been crying off and on all day long because I hurt so bad.

And my brain?  It’s gone.  It no longer exists.  Thus, this is going to be brief.

Hopefully I’ll sleep well tonight and I’ll feel better tomorrow.  I’d say I couldn’t feel any worse, but I know that’s not true…


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