The Right Things

I know what the right things to do are.  Eat right (hard with the gastro troubles I’ve been having), keep a regular sleep schedule, and exercise a bit every day.  I can’t seem to do any of the right things right now.  I basically got a salad on bread (Subway veggie sub) for dinner and I don’t think it’s going to stay down.  Basically the things I can eat reliably without throwing up are jello, pudding and mac ‘n cheese.  Not the healthiest diet.  Note the lack of protein.

The fibro flare up has me tired with fatigue and I’m sure my diet isn’t helping things.  All I want to do is sleep.  Getting out of bed is a challenge.  I’m cold all the time (lack of calories and basic nutrients?) and I just want to stay under the blankets.  I’m back on Tramadol twice a day to try to deal with the pain.  I want to stay in bed under the blankets because I’m so cold, but the weight of the blankets hurts.  A shower is excruciating.

I know I always get through these flares, but I have no idea how I’m going to get through this one.  In a way I can’t wait to get back to Korea (as soon as my visa gets processed, I have a contract) so I can get back into PT.  Right now everything seems bleak.  I don’t see any point in going on.  I’m more depressed in general.


2 thoughts on “The Right Things

  1. it feels so bleak. i get so friggin tired of hurting all day long without let up.
    i do my exercises but i don’t eat that much. i do well to get in a half way decent meal twice a week. i do even better to keep it down. when my pain level is high i throw up more. it seems like a vicious cycle that i’m not winning.

  2. I’m glad you’re around. Knowing that someone else struggles the same way, while sucky, helps. I need to be better about the exercise. I wish I could get in a pool and float. It seems like it would be so less painful than sitting or lying on a couch or bed. In my wildest dreams, I’d have a water bed, LOL.

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