It feels good to not actively be in a flare.  My energy levels are coming back up though I still need a lot of sleep.  The meds my rheumy prescribed are still working though I think the Cymbalta might be giving me restless leg stuff at night.  Zolft eventually did the same for me so I’m wondering if the Cymbalta is going to do it.  I probably should look it up.  It’s not so annoying that it prevents me from wanting to stop taking it.

The last thing that seems to be lifting is the fog.  I tried working on my programming course and had a few questions for my tutor.  I couldn’t even write a coherent email asking my questions because I couldn’t find the words.  This is probably the most annoying symptom of fibro for me.  The pain and fatigue suck but the brain fog just makes me feel stupid and useless.

But I guess I can only keep moving forward, taking my meds and exercising my brain.