That Was Dumb

Tuesday I went to Seoul.  Walked around Insadong (the historical/souvenir area) and did a bunch of shopping.  Some stuff for my friends and some for myself.  People drive crazily in Korea, but Seoul is a whole other story.  Then I went to Itaewon (the foreigner).  Walked up and down and drooled over shoes in my size.  Sorry, I won’t pay 100 bucks for a pair of shoes no matter how cute.  Had lunch and then walked some more.  By this time I was in pain and said screw it.  I went back to the train station and got a bubble tea.  Disappointing.  They didn’t know how to make it right.  Got on the train, cabbed it home and fell into bed for 5 hours.  Got up and took my meds plus 1200 mg of motrin.

At least I slept well.  I’m still owie.  I’m sure the walk to my old job to drop off papers didn’t help.  And mopping the floor.  As far as I’m concerned I’m done cleaning.  There are areas I can’t get to, so screw it.  I’ll leave money for some one to clean after all the big stuff is out of here.


Making Progress


Someone helped me with all the boxes and they’re shipped except the computer.  I may say screw it and pull the hard drives and give the box away.  I should sell.  I could get at least 100 bucks for it.  Then I could build a new one at home and just throw the drives in.  No Windows, so no problems.  Yeah, that’s sounding better minute by minute.

Taking Care

I’ve decided to go back to the US.  I don’t have the energy or stamina to teach right now.  Just packing is draining the energy  out of me.  The only good thing is packing is almost finished.  Now to get it to the post office.  I found someone with a car so that should make it easier.  I’m hoping only one more box.