Foggy Day

First the good news.  The pain has subsided.  Well, my shoulders are a bit sore from carrying the cats around.  But they made it to Seoul and are in the states now.  I miss them to death.  It’s weird.  They weren’t noisy, but it seems so much more quiet in here.

The bad news.  My head is a mess.  I start something then I forget what I’m doing so I start doing something else.  I feel like I’m getting nothing done.  Tomorrow I’ll pick up some more boxes at the grocery store.  I don’t have an apartment in Hong Kong yet but my boss is going to start looking Monday.   And I’m going to spend some time doing that too.  That’s one thing Korea has over Hong Kong.  Your housing is taken care of, but it’s usually shitty (see the shoe box I live in now).

Dinner is in the crockpot.  I’m making meatloaf.  Or something like that.  I threw some rice in as a binder.  I used salsa as the liquid.  This is called clean out the fridge and freezer.


Chinese Medicine

I’ve lived in Korea for 6 years and managed to avoid Chinese medicine.  I take that back, I went late last year and the guy was a quack telling me my jaw was out of alignment.  I was having a particularly bad pain morning yesterday so I decided to try another place.  They actually use more of a combo of East and West.  The acupuncture didn’t hurt.  Just felt weird having needles sticking out of you.  Then I rolled on my stomach where she put the needles in my neck and a TENS unit on my back.  The TENS probably did more than anything.  But the biggest thing was lying on a warm bed with my neck supported listening to the soothing music.

The herbal tea stuff she gave me made me sicker than average so I chucked it.  I wrote a paragraph and translated it using Google Translate (don’t even bother with Bing, it sucks) and took it in today.  She told me to eat a bland diet (duh) and avoid meat.  Once she was finished with my front, I did TENS again.  She changed the tea stuff, which is tolerable.  It doesn’t have much taste, through it’s a bit bitter.

Yeah, the biggest thing is the relaxation.  The doctor was really  nice and since it isn’t too expensive, I’ll probably go every other day or so.

I’m learning to keep an open mind.  I certain wouldn’t go if I was sick with a bacterial infection or something.  But fibro, well, it’s a horse of a different color.  I think we get so desperate for relief, we’ll do almost anything.  None of this stuff will hurt me and I doubt it will significantly help.  But in a way it feels like pampering myself for an hour.

No More Meds

I have to figure out what is causing this nausea.  Yes, it could be the fibro.  The meds made it worse.  I’m off everything including my psych meds.  I have just about a month before Hong Kong.  Once I’m settled, I can see a doctor and maybe get to the bottom of it.

In the means time, I’ll eat and drink what I can.  I have honey ginger tea.  Toast seems to do OK.  I’m going to try boiled eggs to try to get some protein.


Let me tell you.  I never appreciated how much sleep impacts this stupid disease.  Thursday I was nauseated and couldn’t eat.  It was a combo of the fibro and the dental anxiety.  I had to see Dr. P anyway.  He gave me the nutritional IV and two vials of Valium to try to get the nausea and anxiety under control.  Friday I was nauseated because of the dentist.  I spent more time crying than every before.  I’m lucky to have a dentist who understands phobias.  He must have taken some psychology courses along the way or have some phobia of his own.

(as an aside, I wonder what the incidence rate of phobias is in the general population)

Friday night, after eating some yogurt (who wants to eat food after getting teeth pulled) I waited and then took my meds.  I don’t know if it was the pain meds or the antibiotic that did it, but they all (including my sleep meds) ended up in the toilet.  I  might has slept lightly for a while.  I did everything I know how to do to help me sleep.  Hell, I even got up, put on my ballet video and did that in hopes of making myself tired.  That just made me hurt (the good hurt, not the bad fibro hurt).

I showed up at my pdocs office at 9 basically in tears and not making any sense.  He managed to get the story out of me.  He put me in the treatment room, gave me 3 ativans and had the nurse start the IV.  The veins in my arms are so bad, they have to put it in my foot.  Then they have me an ampule (no idea the dosage, probably only about 5 mg a quick Google search tells me) of Valium.  When I was still awake a half hour later they gave me another one.  It was at that point I fell asleep.  They woke me up at 1 when they closed (it was Saturday after all) and I went home and fell in bed with my clothes on.

Last night I did sleep through the night.  I took some extra Trazodone.  Today (Sunday) I didn’t get up until 5.  I physically couldn’t do it.  I got dressed, went to a restaurant, ate a little bit and got the rest take out.

One night without sleep took me out for two days.  There has to be a way to get the nausea and vomiting under control.  It isn’t in my stomach.  It has to be in my brain.  The pain killer comes with something for my stomach as did the antibiotic.  I guess it’s a question to ask the doc tomorrow when I see him.

Now I’m going to feed Thing One and Thing Two (Thing One sneaked out the door when I came in and I hear this echoing meow and realized I locked her out, dork).  Then take my meds and get warm in bed.  We’re looking at a couple days of rain so I’m going to try really hard to do stretching to try to keep the pain down best I can.