OMG Tired

I was up at 8.  My interview ended up at noon.  I went to lunch.  I came home and tried to read, but I couldn’t keep my eyes open.  Even with the nap, I’m still tired as hell.  I’m running a bit of a fever, so I think maybe I’ll recheck in the morning and see my GP if it’s still up.  My nose is still running, which according to my GP means my sinus infection isn’t gone.

I gotta say, the Lancombe foundation I bought (ugh, 50 bucks) will probably last forever.  It took two little dabs to cover my face.  I don’t mind spending money on a high quality product if it’s going to last.  I bought some moisturizer for my hair a couple  years ago.  It was like 30 bucks.  I still have half of it.  I only use it in the winter.

OK, I’m so cold I’m going to jump in bed.


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