Why Do You Even Ask?

I went to my GP yesterday because I have a sinus infection.  Boo.  Every time I see him he asks about myalgia.  Duh.  Yeah.  I do hurt all over.  Like every day.

So of course I always answer yes and then say whether it changed from my baseline.  The man knows I have fibro.  He’s the one who sent me to my rheumy.  I think he wants to ask if I’ve changed from baseline but doesn’t know that’s what he wants to ask.

Between my face feeling like it’s being pummeled in a boxing match and the pain in the rest of my body I’ve found myself moving up a notch on the pain scale.  Things start getting hard for me when I hit a 5.  I’d say I’m between a 5 and 6.

I took a short walk (like to the corner and back) because the weather is nice.  It’s getting warmer.  In the 40s.  But I fully expect the weather to get crappy and cold again.



One thought on “Why Do You Even Ask?

  1. I truly believe that Fibro is worse than Lupus. It feels like torture. That slow increase of pain is a daunting feeling that depresses me to no end. It’s like waiting in slow motion to get electrocuted.

    That was no encouraging I know. I’m sorry. It’s just I can relate. It makes me so tired sometimes. But like you I get up and do some exercising to keep the blood flowing. I enjoy the stretches and walking because it feels like I’m doing something positive for myself. Doing those few things feels like I have a bit of control over what happens to my body.

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