Hello Hospital

So I’m a teacher.  I’m one of those crazy teachers that give more than I have on a regular basis.  After 5 years it caught up with me.

For over a year I’ve had no appetite and nausea.  I lost a great deal of weight (70 pounds) for running around like an idiot in class and not really eating.

Turns out the nausea (which reached a hellish peak last night) is a symptom of fibro.  Could have saved the trauma of the endoscopy.  But that’s another story.

It’s more complex than I’m making it out to be, but I mentally and physically collapsed about a week and a half ago.  I was severely dehydrated, exhausted and malnourished.

I’ve had the fun of the hospital shrink changing my meds around to simplify them.  I take it she’s not a great fan of TCAs.  We’ll see what my regular pdoc says when I see him.  She also started me on Cymbalta.  I had read it can be used to treat pain.  I take it a lot of fibro is in the serotonin system.

So that’s pretty much it.  I thank the person or people who decided on national health care.  First week, 500 or so dollars.  It’s definitely one reason I stay in Korea.


One thought on “Hello Hospital

  1. Yup, nausea is part of Fibro as is loss of concentration, touch sensitivity and DEPRESSION. It’s not just the nerves that are having issues we need to worry about, its also the issues caused by the nerves having issues we have to worry about. If you add in stress you’ve got one heck of a ride in store. It seems as if you’ve ridden the big wave for awhile now. Hopefully you are on your way to land or at least smaller waves.

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