Hello Home

I’m home after rescuing the cats from their foster home.  Not a pretty sight.  Both cats seem calmer now that they’re home.  They invited me to stay for dinner.  I swear they gave me enough rice for 4 people.  OK, I’m fat.  I get it.  So by logic you should feed me less food.  Rice.  I don’t know what to say.  It’s sticky here because of the way they eat it.  And I only like it with certain foods.

So now all I can do is yawn.  If I want to get up tomorrow I will.  If I don’t, I won’t.  There isn’t anything I need to do until Saturday.

I’m going to take my meds.  I’m definitely going to have to get some ginger ale now that it exists in Korea.  Hopefully that’ll settle my stomach.


One thought on “Hello Home

  1. I’m glad the girls are home too. I’m sure they and you are relieved.

    Ginger ale is a staple in my home. I also purchase regular ginger and make a fresh ginger tea.

    I don’t like sticky rice at all.

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