Changing Doctors

I’ve decided to change rheumys.  That first one was only interested in preaching on exercise.  Yes.  I know.  I tell you every time I’m doing it.  In his book, exercise equals walking.  Sometimes I just can’t do it.  But I can stretch or do some of the gentle ballet (yay, bought a pair of ballet slippers today).

New rheumy is with the hospital so I have to make appointments but that doesn’t seem to be a problem as I make it right with the nurse.  He’s doing a lot better with the pain management.  I see him again next Monday.  But whatever he gave me definitely is helping.  I’m still having trouble with fatigue.  But I’m pushing myself a lot.  Now that I’m going to be moving to Hong Kong, there’s so much to do.  A month seems like a long time and seems like no time at all.  I guess just one day at a time.



OMG Tired

I was up at 8.  My interview ended up at noon.  I went to lunch.  I came home and tried to read, but I couldn’t keep my eyes open.  Even with the nap, I’m still tired as hell.  I’m running a bit of a fever, so I think maybe I’ll recheck in the morning and see my GP if it’s still up.  My nose is still running, which according to my GP means my sinus infection isn’t gone.

I gotta say, the Lancombe foundation I bought (ugh, 50 bucks) will probably last forever.  It took two little dabs to cover my face.  I don’t mind spending money on a high quality product if it’s going to last.  I bought some moisturizer for my hair a couple  years ago.  It was like 30 bucks.  I still have half of it.  I only use it in the winter.

OK, I’m so cold I’m going to jump in bed.


Holy crap does stress send my pain level up.  I have to go back for the scary dentist stuff.  I don’t want to.  I want to go to the arboretum and walk in the sun, even if it’s on the cool side.

I see my rheumy later this week.  My pain levels really haven’t gone down.  I also have to ask him if it’s OK to get Korea’s new combo tetanus and pertussis booster.  I didn’t even know there was a pertussis booster.  The only vaccine I haven’t had is Hepatitis B.  And I guess I should ask about that too.  That one is a pain because you have to get three shots over a period of time.

Anyhow I’m trying to breathe.  I wish I had a booster med when my pain levels get this high.  I want to cry.  But it’s hard to tell if it’s a dentist I want to cry or a pain I want to cry.

Sometimes I think this whole fibro thing makes you nuckin’ futz.

Going Down

Finally my pain level is going down.  I’m not sure what the rheumy gave me, but it’s helping.  I think it might be something to help me sleep.  What Dr. P doesn’t know won’t hurt him.  Fatigue is going up.  Stupidly I’m not listening to my body and I’m getting into a circle.

I put pasta in my tomato soup and had a tiny bowl of that for dinner.  The nausea is coming back.  Part of that is from this bloody sinus infection.

Gonna take my meds and curl up in bed.  I may not move tomorrow.  I need milk but I can go to the mini-mart next door to get that and some juice.

Why Do You Even Ask?

I went to my GP yesterday because I have a sinus infection.  Boo.  Every time I see him he asks about myalgia.  Duh.  Yeah.  I do hurt all over.  Like every day.

So of course I always answer yes and then say whether it changed from my baseline.  The man knows I have fibro.  He’s the one who sent me to my rheumy.  I think he wants to ask if I’ve changed from baseline but doesn’t know that’s what he wants to ask.

Between my face feeling like it’s being pummeled in a boxing match and the pain in the rest of my body I’ve found myself moving up a notch on the pain scale.  Things start getting hard for me when I hit a 5.  I’d say I’m between a 5 and 6.

I took a short walk (like to the corner and back) because the weather is nice.  It’s getting warmer.  In the 40s.  But I fully expect the weather to get crappy and cold again.